Saper e poter volare

Saper e poter volare
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martedì 11 agosto 2009

SLCC per machinima

SLCC Sezione machinima ecco (in inglese ma è semplice):
ecco il NING
Machinima Schedule
Title – Presenters • Room

Ongoing --
MaMachinima International Film Festival Screening – Curated by Chantal Harvey, Hosted by Fab Outlander • Grand Ballroom

Fri. Aug 14, 1:00
Sat. Aug 15, 12:30

Sun. Aug 16, 2:00
Throughout the conference we will be screening films from the 2009 MaMachinima International Film Festival. will be machinima of a live performance of I Gave at the Office, a remarkable machinima ( produced by CodeWarrior Carling.

Fri. Aug 14, 3:00p
Machinima: California Legacy— from out-of-print literature to modern machinima – Bernard Drax, Quill Wilber • Elizabethan D

For nine years, the California Legacy Project at Santa Clara University is dedicated to preserving California’s culture. California Legacy has published 40 books and produced 500 radio segments. In Second Life we are now re-creating these segments as machinima, a unique way to link cutting-edge technology with literature and performance and give a new audience eager to learn about California’s history and literature, a place to meet and discuss. The first 5 machinima will be discussed and shown, then the process of making them from original text, through dramatic reading to avatar design and set building, post production to final product, will be broken down. The audience can participate in the production of a brand new segment and whoever is ready, willing & able can play a role in the production.

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