Saper e poter volare

Saper e poter volare
*Sono nata il 7 agosto 2007*

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lunedì 24 dicembre 2007

Second Life ballo natalizio ai Parioli

Versione breve

Second Life ballo al Music Cafè Alter Ego

Second Life ballo all'Alter Ego Music Cafè

<a href="">Second Life: ballo ai parioli</a> - a <a href="">Second Life Videos</a> by <a href="">eleonoraporta</a> on <a href="hhtp://">Koinup</a>

Windlight Pastrami Linden

WindLight is a revolutionary atmospheric lighting and rendering system. What does that all mean? Gorgeous new Second Life visuals!!!

This page provides information on the project, as well as useful information that will help us all make sure that WindLight is well tested in First Look before it's integrated into the main Second Life viewer.

WindLight Wiki Page + FAQ
WindLight Documentation
Download the WindLight First Look
WindLight Viewer Source Code
Issue Tracker
System Requirements/Recommendations
Previous WindLight Blog Post
Postcard Blog Post

Pastrami Linden and the WindLight Team
Make sure that all of your content, creation creation, and experiences work with this new viewer. Bear in mind that WindLight is client-side only for now- that means nothing is changing on the servers or in any of the data- just what's being shown on your screen. You will notice some aesthetic differences, especially in some of the material properties and lighting. Some of these are intentional (like more dramatic sunsets) and some are still being worked on (like the desaturation of some textures). Have a go at it, and tell us what you think either through the Public Issue Tracker or at our office hours (see below).


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