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Saper e poter volare
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mercoledì 31 dicembre 2008

White Project 2009

h.24 del 31 dicembre 2008
h.0,0 del 1 gennaio 2009

In Middle East we have said "happy New year" an hour ago with Irah Anatine and friends

White Project was created as a response to the Middle East crisis, December 2008.

In a time when the world and the web are on fire and everybody is taking sides, we decided to create an alternative side: the side of all the ones who seek development instead of excuses, who value human life instead of justifications for hate. The side of the future. We are not shouting peace as a naive dream: we seek progress. We are the next generation of citizens and will inherit the problems of the present. We understand that, unless individuals get together to refuse perpetual hate and take concrete actions, this future will be no different from the present or the past.

We also believe that the most urgent concrete action to take is to clarify people’s minds, by creating this third dimension. When millions of people see and scream “palestian children are being killed”, we say: “children are being killed”. When people say “israeli youth is suffering” we say “youth is suffering” When world movements say “arabs or israeli of the world unite” we say “citizens of the future unite”.
We are a white page, as we refuse the weight of the past. Every citizen should be proud of it’s cradle. Today, and because of the current situation, non of us has reasons to be proud. We can do better. All of us. Together.

Irah ed il 2009 white project


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