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Saper e poter volare
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martedì 11 agosto 2009

SLCC no-profit shedule

Nonprofit Track Schedule
Title & Description

Thur. Aug 13, Noon
Workshop: Inspire Engagement through Appearance and Branding: Making Clothes with Missions that Start Action and Stick.
Zinnia Zauber

Zinnia Zauber teaches this cursors-on workshop on how to create apparel that promotes your organization through relentless and consistent interactive branding. Using image enhancement software, successfully achieve connectivity and familiarity with your organization by creating apparel that articulates your message distinctly, demonstrates your credibility, solidifies loyalty, and emotionally inspires the wearer.
Contact Zinnia Zauber in SL to find out what to bring to this workshop.

Thur. Aug 13, 3:30p
Workshop: Mixed Reality

How do you produce quality mixed reality events in challenging environments? From bashing your head against the Great Firewall of China to sorting through video streaming server providers, we’ll guide you through the trickiest terrain of international mixed reality event hosting. This 2 hour workshop features some of SL’s best mixed reality producers in a hands-on conversation with Q&A. Mixed Reality 101 Primer handout provided.
In Kenzo,

Amulius Lioncourt, Frans Charming, Rhiannon Chatnoir

Fri. Aug 14, 10:00a
TechSoup Global & Nonprofit Commons: Nonprofit Lessons Learned & Success Stories

From a group of six avatars on a small plot of land in 2005, the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life project has evolved to expand over four islands hosting nonprofit offices and an international community of several hundreds of volunteers doing virtual world work to achieve their missions. Panelists will share success stories and the impact of nonprofit Second Life work. We’ll explore fundraising efforts, community “growing pains”, best practices, and look ahead at future goals of this expanding community.
Susan Tenby, Megan Keane, Gabrielle Knipper, Coughran Mayo

Ricky Davis

Fri. Aug 14, 3:30p
Virtual Museums as K through Adult Learning Platforms

The presentation comprises three parts: A panel of Second Life Museum veterans will discuss the museums they have built in-world, what they hope to accomplish with each project and touch on points of success and disappointment. Next, “Dusty Artaud” of KidsBridge Tolerance Museum, a children’s diversity museum in Ewing NJ will describe the current state of KidsBridge in real life and how her team is addressing the question of establishing a presence in Second Life ®. In the 3rd part, the panel will respond to the issues raised in the case of KidsBridge and invite comments and questions from the mixed reality audience.
LizaJune Stoop, Patio Plasma, Ethelred Weatherwax, Agent Heliosense, Dusty Artaud, Doran Horngold, Rebekcca Zebendein

Sat. Aug 15, 2:00p
How to Create a Nonprofit (and Bring It Into Second Life)
Ricky Davis

We all have something we are passionate about and I will be providing the steps to turn that passion into a nonprofit, starting with the basics of building a business plan, then using the business plan throughout the process of incorporating into a non profit and becoming tax exempt (501 C 3). We will include tips on finding a board of directors through social media and how virtual worlds can help you get started with your non profit.

Sat. Aug 15, 3:00p
Transitions: A Place for Dreams - Collaboration and Networking in Virtual Worlds

By sharing their expertise in an environment in which collaboration and networking are easily accomplished, five organizations were able to design an outreach project with far greater impact and vision than would have been possible for any group alone. Panelists will lead a virtual tour of an SL project that brings technology-based educational resources to displaced/refugees as well as to anyone else looking for a “new life” and will examine a virtual curriculum that has now been used with a variety of youth, including street kids. (A fifth group member, Jessica Dally/Kali Idziak, will not be able to attend this time).
Ozma Malibu,

Buffy Beale,

In Kenzo,

Rhiannon Chatnoir

Sat. Aug 15, 4:00p
Modality and Morality; Fundraising on the Frontier of the Metaverse
Fleche Xeno

Fundraising in metaverse has its own unique advantages and pitfalls; brand protection, identity verification, fraud, and return on investment. Understand the models that are currently being deployed, find the right model for your mission, and protect yourself in the process.

Sat. Aug 15, 5:00p
Common Good - Common Goals - Common Ground - Effective Immersive Social Networking

Common Ground and Wharfratz are two weekly events that provide fun, music and networking in Second Life. By getting to know the people who create the common good in the world we all meet on Common Ground. Panelists from the Nonprofit Commons, Coughran Mayo, Ethelred Weatherwax, and Zinnia Zauber share their techniques for social networking, validating SL’s power to connect people to create cooperative support by encouraging participation, promotion, and positive results.

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