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martedì 21 luglio 2009

Rezzable rezza altrove

BuilderBot: How best to release it???
Mon, 07/20/2009 - 15:43 — RightAsRain Rimbaud
We made a set of tools to help us archive and move our content that is/was on the SL grid. We called it "BuilderBot" as it automates the process of finding objects on a region and converting them into OAR files that can be used offline and/or inside any OpenSim grid. We also made a tool to look at the OAR file offline and edit it. This is particularly useful to merge content from several OAR files. We think this is pretty handy stuff and thought it would make sense to release it for serious content creators. There are of course some issues relating to this and we would like to explain our approach to releasing it and invite some constructive comments. Please leave comments, suggestions here or drop us a line using our handy enuff contact form.

What is BuilderBot?
A set of tools to allow content owners to

SIM2OAR = copy their prims into an OAR file
OAR editor to look at XML contents and merge, replace items
OAR2SL = a bot to rebuild a sim in SL from an OAR file.
Significantly, there is no check for DRM at all. We did not need this as all our stuff is ours and the extra check makes the process even longer/more unstable.

Currently BuilderBot SIM2OAR tool will copy an entire SL Sim and create a OAR file that can be uploaded into any OpenSim grid--such as our Rezzable Grid. We have already used it successfully to copy more than 10 regions.

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