Saper e poter volare

Saper e poter volare
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sabato 24 luglio 2010

Philip Rosdale

We’re excited to announce that Philip Rosedale (SL: Philip Linden) will be giving a keynote address on Saturday morning at the Second Life Community Convention! Philip recently returned as interim CEO after Mark Kingdon stepped down in July, and we expect that he’ll address the company’s future direction and Linden Lab’s “return to the basics” of improving the core Second Life experience. In a recent post on the Second Life blogs, Philip talked frankly about addressing Resident’s concerns. “We need to get back to being the first to invent and deliver the solutions that evolve virtual worlds,” said Rosedale, “We are still at the beginning of a huge market.” Rosedale’s speech will be delivered in world and simultaneously webcast to attendees of the Second Life Community Convention in Boston on Saturday morning, August 14th, at 8AM EST/5AM PST.


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