Saper e poter volare

Saper e poter volare
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martedì 11 agosto 2009

SLCC Art Schedule

Art Schedule
Title – Presenters • Room

Art•a•thon – Filthy Fluno, Winter Nightfire • Reception Area

Filthy Fluno ( and Winter Nightfire ( will capture the excitement of the SLCC with paints and pastels in a mashup of abstract art and virtual world culture. They will hit the floors of the conference and create artworks that will commemorate the people, discussions, music, and architecture of the SLCC at the Westin St Francis and other offsite events. Not only is this a live art making event, it’s a chance to interact with Fluno and Nightfire in a real time workshop atmosphere to learn about some of the tools and techniques of contemporary artists. Artworks will be auctioned off on Sunday afternoon and proceeds will be donated to Virtual Ability, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps make SL more accessible for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Fri. Aug 14, 5:00p
What can SL give? What can art education take? What can art education give to SL? – Kristy Handrick • California West

One of the most important issues in art education today is visual culture. The whole Second Life environment is an animated virtual visual culture. Everything that can be seen in SL is made by people; therefore, visual communication becomes one of the most critical issues. Without critical thinking of what we see in Second Life, we might misunderstand or perpetuate stereotypes of people or places from different cultural backgrounds. Art education can not only use Second Life as a teaching aid but also can help SL businesses, artists, fashion designers, musicians, and educators to expend their vision and function better in the virtual world.

Sat. Aug 15, 10:00a Plastic Reality: Frontiers In SLRL combined media – Manx Wharton • Eliabethan C
Much of SL’s most intricate design work and broad artistic efforts focus on taking fullest advantage of the platform’s tools to create inworld art that would be impossible in RL. A growing and focused number of artists are starting to embrace the nascent opportunities of combining SL and RL media platforms to generate exciting and unexpected creative insights. In this idea space, virtual and real synthesize into a “plastic reality”, in which manifold layers of virtual and real feed back on one another, cultivating in a gray area where creative work transcends either platform by itself. This panel will provide an informal overview of the main theoretical and practitioner thinking on plastic realities, as well as panelists’ firsthand reflections on the subject in the context of their own work. As much of this work is formative and may not be widely known to attendees, substantial time will be held for panelist discussion and Q&A.
Sat. Aug 15, 2:00p
Brooklyn Is Watching LIVE – DanCoyote Antonelli, Host, Bettina Tizzy, Co- hostess, Misprint Thursday, Event organizer • Grand Ballroom

Join host and guide DanCoyote Antonelli/DC Spensley and co-hostess Bettina Tizzy on a live flavor filled voyage into the “30 Best show” part of the Brooklyn Is Watching year one festival. Your tour guide will bring you through some inspiring virtual art. The tour will include machinima by BIW artists that will leave you wanting more.

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