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Saper e poter volare
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mercoledì 15 ottobre 2008

Brain Computer Interface

Nel mio percorso personale attraverso secondlife mi sono spesso imbattuta in alcune delle notizie che io giudico in assoluto le più importanti e significative per lo sviluppo futuro delle tecnologie.

Ora scopro con piacere che ci sarà, al festival della creatività, una tavola rotonda proprio su argomenti affascinanti di interazione uomo-macchina , o meglio "Brain Computer Interface".

Non posso recarmi a Firenze ma....

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Transcript e video di "Monetizing the Metaverse"

Come annunciato, ecco su SLCN_TV l'ultima intervista di Robert Bloomfield di Metanomics ed il transcript della stessa.
Jay Geeseman of Xstreet(formerly SL Exchange) and Stevana Case of fatfoogoo talked about their business experience in Second Life® and other virtual worlds. Xstreet recently changed it's name from SL Exchange, and is perhaps the best-known Second Life®-integrated commerce website featuring real-time shopping, real estate listings, and full-fledged currency exchange. fatfoogoo is a leading provider of in-game commerce ecosystems, and is working with Project Darkstar, an open source development arena under the aegis of Sun Microsystems Laboratories. Artist, designer Eshi Otawara was "On The Spot".

ROBERT BLOOMFIELD: Let’s move on to our main event for the day. We have two guests, and our first is Stevana Case, a 15 year video game industry veteran, who is currently serving as vice president of business development and sales at fatfoogoo, heading up the company’s North American business. But Stevie is also one of the first professional female gamers in the cyber athlete professional league and is famous for defeating John Romero in Quake Deathmatch, single handedly beating him the first time they played. Stevana worked then on game design at Ion Storm, co founded Monkeystone Games. And then her move into business development at Tira Wireless and Spleak Media. Spleak Media Network placed her in the Twenty Women to Watch in Business Under 30, by Working Woman Magazine.
So, Stevie, I guess before we get into fatfoogoo, I just want to say that I love your story here. You’re a competitive gamer turned game designer, now in the sort of back in business side of gaming in Virtual Worlds. I feel like I’m interview a Superbowl quarterback turned football commentator. There just haven’t been enough competitive gamers out there to know what the career path is. Do you think this is pretty standard?

STEVANA CASE: Thank you. Well, I feel very lucky to be here. I mean I think that you’re right, there just isn’t enough history yet in professional gaming to kind of know what the career path is from there. I think we’ve seen so many people do just completely different things, and, for me, this was always really the end goal. So I’m just excited to be doing what I’m doing now.

ROBERT BLOOMFIELD: Well, it’s great to have you on Metanomics. Our second guest, Jay Geeseman, is the owner and operator of Virtual Trade and Xstreet SL. Xstreet SL touts itself as the premier Second Life integrated commerce website featuring real time shopping, real estate listings and full-fledged currency exchange. So, Jay, it sounds like you got into this because you were thinking a long time ago, before you even heard of Second Life, that you’d like to set up some sort of large online mall. So this is what came of it?

JAY GEESEMAN: Yeah, basically. Back in, I guess, 2002, I had an idea for a large online shopping mall for Real World products at the time. But being just one person, no access to funding or anything like that, I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Basically, since then, has gone and done exactly what I had in mind. What I found was, when I found Second Life, I realized it was possible and immediately went to making it.

ROBERT BLOOMFIELD: And I understand it’s not just a one person thing anymore. Is that right? You have, what, seven employees?

JAY GEESEMAN: Yeah, we have seven full time employees and a few contractors.

ROBERT BLOOMFIELD: Well, that will definitely keep you busy, and we’re all very interested in hearing more about Xstreet. But first, Stevie, let’s go back and take a look at fatfoogoo, and question number one on this is the name. Is this like the killer sushi?


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