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domenica 8 giugno 2008

Discussione sull'insegnamento in SL

“Inside the Lab” Podcast, una Discussione sull' Education in Second Life
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Monday, June 2nd, 2008 at 5:00 AM by: Katt Linden

Benvenuti al Podcast "Dentro il laboratorio", una discussione sull'insegnamento in SL.
Ho avuto il piacere di parlare con Pathfinder Linden e Claudia Linden su alcuni progetti tra i più affascinanti in SL.
I due esperti Linden hanno condiviso tutto quello che hanno imparato lavorando con docenti in world ed partecipando aconferenze , collaborando con alcuni dei gruppi descritti nel Podcast.

Welcome to the latest “Inside the Lab” Podcast, a Discussion on Education in Second Life
I had the pleasure of talking with Pathfinder Linden and Claudia Linden about some of the fascinating education projects taking place in Second Life. These two expert Lindens share some of what they’ve learned working with educators inworld and at conferences, as well as from participation with some of the groups described in the podcast (see links, below.)

Ars Simulacra

Topic: Education in Second LifeFeaturing: Claudia, Katt, and Pathfinder LindenKatt: You’re listening to an instalment of Radio Linden’s “Inside the Lab” podcast series. Today,we’re having a conversation with Linden Lab’s Second Life education experts, Claudia andPathfinder Linden.

In this podcast, you’ll hear about the variety of ways the virtual world of Second Life and Teen Second Life can be used for education, as well as information on the many resources availablefor educators who are interested in getting involved.

I’m Katt Linden. I’m the Communications Manager here at Linden Lab. Let’s getstarted.So, we are here talking with Claudia Linden and Pathfinder Linden. Claudia, I wanted to startwith you. For folks who don’t know you yet, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and whatyou do at Linden Lab? ....
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“Inside the Lab” Podcast SeriesThis Discussion on Education in Second Life is fourth in the series of behind the scenes looks at Second Life, talks with a variety of Linden Lab team members about what they’re doing in Second Life and how their work could impact your experience.

The series began with Philip Linden’s Vision for Second Life in 2008, followed by a more technical talk, Joe Miller’s Insight into the Engineering Team at Linden Lab.
Third in the series was Inside the Lab Podcast with the WindLight Team, packed with helpful information on WindLight, including information on stability improvements, and Torley’s favorite new WindLight features.
Please join us for an informal look into the people, projects, and culture at Linden Lab.

Discussion on Education in Second Life, What’s Going On and How To Get InvolvedListen in (or read the .pdf or text or html transcript) for Claudia and Pathfinder’s interesting - and helpful –perspectives on topics including:
Some of the cool educational projects going on in Second Life – and who is involved

The benefits – what is it that educators are finding so useful about Second Life
How you can get involved – both inworld and in your regular life

A look into the future of education in Second Life

I hope you’ll enjoy the discussion as much as we did! And do let us know what other topics you’d like to see us cover in future Inside the Lab podcasts.
Thanks Torley, Melissa, Pathfinder and Claudia!
And thanks to you for listening!
– Katt Linden
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Inside the Lab Discussion on Education in Second Life (mp3)
CreditsPodcast with Pathfinder & Claudia Linden, in discussion with Katt Linden, produced by Melissa Linden, recorded and edited by Torley Linden, photography by Torley Linden

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