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Saper e poter volare
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venerdì 2 maggio 2008

Media Grid (TM) (audio,immagini e video degli eventi)

MEDIA GRID ed Immersive Education
La conferenza del due maggio su
"Project Wonderland in the Age of Immersive Education" date pending
è stata temporaneamente sospesa e/o posticipata .
I materiale relativi alla passata conferenza sull'alta risoluzione in 3D si possono trovare sul sito degli eventi (in questo post c'è qualche esempio)
Link utili:
(Immersive Education Courses at Boston College ;News, Video, Papers and Presentations )

About Immersive Education

Immersive Education, a Media Grid initiative, is an award-winning learning platform that combines interactive 3D graphics, commercial game and simulation technology, virtual reality, voice chat (Voice over IP/VoIP), Web cameras (webcams) and rich digital media with collaborative online course environments and classrooms.

esempi di alta risoluzione degli avatar (meeting del 9 aprile/ maggio vedere la pagina degli eventi)

Immersive Education gives participants a sense of "being there" even when attending a class or training session in person isn't possible, practical, or desirable, which in turn provides educators and students with the ability to connect and communicate in a way that greatly enhances the learning experience. Originally available only to university students, the next generation of Immersive Education is focused on a broad spectrum of academic and non-academic users

(higher education, K-12 [kindergarten through high school], and corporate training).

Unlike traditional computer-based learning systems, Immersive Education is designed to immerse and engage students in the same way that today’s best video games grab and keep the attention of players. Immersive Education supports self-directed learning as well as collaborative group-based learning environments that can be delivered over the Internet or using fixed-media such as CD-ROM and DVD. Shorter mini-games and interactive lessons can be injected into larger bodies of course material to further heighten and enrich the Immersive Education experience.

Since 2004 students at Boston College have had the opportunity to participate in courses conducted entirely within Immersive Education, which has the potential to fundamentally reshape education by providing on-demand learning and simulation technology that can engage and instruct at a level far beyond that of the typical in-person or online course. Following an award-winning 2 year pilot, Boston College (in cooperation with the Grid Institute, Media Grid, Burke Institute for Innovation in Education, Media Machines, City of Boston, Sun Microsystems and other organizations) is now preparing to make Immersive Education available as a community resource for the benefit of educators, students, and researchers
video di esempio

Conferenza del 9 aprile / maggio

WHAT: High resolution avatars, objects, and environments [MEETING and DEMOS]
WHEN: FRIDAY May 9th, 2008 from 4-5pm EST
WHERE: Graphics sphere:
TRANSCRIPT: >>AUDIO TRANSCRIPT WILL BE POSTED AFTER THIS EVENT<< .:: join the Immersive Education Second Life GROUP for in-world event invitations ::.

Join us in the graphics sphere ( at Oddfellow Studios to discuss how high resolution graphics will soon transform Immersive Education. Support for high resolution avatars, objects and environments is a requirement for the next generation (3rd generation) of Immersive Education that is now under development. During this meeting we'll discuss and see examples of:

a)high resolution avatars; high resolution objects and environments;
b)photo-based modeling btechnology that enables high resolution avatars to be automatically created from a photograph of your face;
c)current and next generation graphics rendering engines and game engines; open file formats and open art paths that enable "CREATE ONCE, EXPERIENCE EVERYWHERE". <<>>

This meeting starts at 4pm EST (1pm pacific / Second Life time) and ends at 5pm EST, with additional time beyond that allocated to questions and further discussion.



altri materiali in queste pagine
VIDEO, immagini, articoli)

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