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mercoledì 5 settembre 2007

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Introducing the Second Life Grid
Tuesday, September 4th, 2007 at 6:32 PM PDT by: catherinelinden
Today, Linden Lab launched the website, a resource for businesses, organizations and educators for creating a successful virtual presence on the Second Life Grid platform. Since the launch of Second Life, Linden Lab has been working to further open and expand the virtual world. The website recognizes the opportunities virtual worlds provide to organizations,

To date ‘the Grid’ has been used synonymously with Second Life. However, with launch of, Linden Lab is separating Second Life the virtual world (the product) from the Second Life Grid (the technology platform).

Second Life is and will remain focused on Residents, but virtual world technology also has a lot to offer to organizations – educators, enterprises, brands, nonprofits, and others – and the Second Life Grid will enable these organizations to understand and create meaningful 3D immersive experiences. Through new programs like the Community Gateway Program and the Global Provider Program, Linden Lab will provide guidance and support for local and international organizations interested in maximizing their participation in the virtual world of Second Life.

The Community Gateway Program is a new program for communities that wish to offer their own registration and orientation process for Second Life. Currently in beta testing, there are already more than a dozen organizations offering their own orientation experiences and gateways into Second Life as part of this program. Approximately 40% of new Resident registrations are already going through these community gateways. The program helps new Residents rapidly find like-minded friends and interest groups, which results in improved retention rates. Melting Dots in Japan, Showtime’s The L-Word in the US, and Telstra’s BigPond in Australia have all been very successful Community Gateways, and we’re looking forward to enrolling more organizations in the program. If you’re interested in learning more, please email

The Global Provider Program provides a higher level of account management and technical support and services for those bringing large communities of non-English speaking Residents onto the Second Life Grid. For example, Kaizen Games, Linden Lab’s first Global Provider, hosts Mainland Brazil which provides Portuguese resources for Second Life Residents. Global Providers will offer localized experiences in the virtual world of Second Life to create language specific experiences for communities all over the world.

These programs join our existing API programs to form a set of tools that will help organizations be successful in Second Life. The Exchange Risk API helps organizations to safely operate Linden dollar exchanges, and the Registration API enables groups to register new Residents via their own websites. These programs are already helping organizations create their own connections between their Web presences and the virtual world, and the Second Life Grid will further help them to leverage the powerful technology behind Second Life.

We invite all educators, businesses, nonprofits and other organizations to learn more about how others are successfully working in the virtual world of Second Life. The platform, tools and programs available on will provide the foundation needed to create a successful virtual world experience.

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