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lunedì 9 giugno 2008

Twitter,WEB 2008, Bay City, VIMEO

jack Dorsey presents TWITTER

Jack Dorsey Presents Twitter from biz stone on Vimeo.

RTT 003: Wayne Sutton - Twitter for Fun and Profit from Viget Labs on Vimeo.
Refresh the Triangle 003: Lightning Sessions

Wayne Sutton did a 10 minute presentation on Twitter

BAY CITY Prim Inspection

Bay City Prim Inspection from Ordinal Malaprop on Vimeo.After taking a few photographs of overpriced land in Bay City for education and amusement, I decided to wander about a little, and this Prim Inspection Plant was one of the things I discovered.

There seems to be some sort of mole reference here which I have seen elsewhere. Perhaps moles are the new hippos.

Pitchvideo Jaap Stronks: Twitterscreencasting! from Jaap Stronks on Vimeo.

Dit is Twitterscreencasting, een fonkelnieuw concept van Jaap Stronks, in een pitchvideo waarmee ik kaarten voor The Next Web 2008 in de wacht hoop te slepen.

Voor wie twijfelt aan het nut van twitterscreencasting: het is ook maar een voorbeeld hè. OK, vooruit: het slaat niet echt ergens op ;-) Maar een beetje origineel is het wel, en daar gaat het om: als jonge zelfstandig ondernemer op het gebied van nieuwe media hoop ik nieuwe, creatieve concepten te ontwikkelen.

Ik ben geen ontwikkelaar die webapplicaties bouwt of prachtige software bakt. Ik houd van bloggen, vloggen, journalistiek en publiek debat - en ik hoop het te redden als zelfstandig ondernemer

Ik ben ook geen ontwikkelaar, maar een weblogger, programmamaker en nieuwemediafanaat die dit jaar voor zichzelf is begonnen, met nieuwe media mooie dingen wil maken en graag naar The Next Web wil maar er de centen even niet voor heeft. Ik hoop dat ik op deze manier alsnog kan gaan!

Flickrcasten from Jaap Stronks on Vimeo.

Soocial Twitter feedback The Next Web 2008 from Soocial on Vimeo.

Hassle Free from Soocial on Vimeo.

Mark de Kock interviewing Robert Scoble from Jaap Stronks on Vimeo.

Mark de Kock (@Markies on Twitter) is interviewing Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam, April 4th 2008.
This interviews was broadcast live via Ustream, using Camtwist and Adium to embed backchannel tweets in the live video (a half-baked version of this idea got me a free ticket to the conference). This is a Quicktime recording of this interview.

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The Next Web 2008: The Day After from Jaap Stronks on Vimeo.

Met een gewonnen ticket bij de Startup Sweepstake mocht ik naar The Next Web om daar te twittercasten. Wat vond ik ervan, en hoeveel toekomst zit er in twittercasting?
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JH Report V - The State of Education System from JellyBean Madison on Vimeo.
7 mesi fa\

High School Teaching Video from jorzef on Vimeo.

Teacher: Josef Messerklinger
Text: Basics in Listening (Longman)
Boost Your Vocabulary (Longman)
Time allotment for one 90-minute class:
Review, 5 minutes
Introduction and presentation. 15 minutes
Warm-up activity including group activity, 30min.
Drill and guided practice, 30 minutes
Independent practice, 10 minutes
Aims: 1. Review wh-questions
2. Practice responding naturally and quickly
to personal questions
Students will practice asking and answering personal questions and will listen for personal information such as names, nationality and occupations.

Teaching procedure
1. introduction: go over the questions in the “Get Ready” section
2. review: get students to make wh-questions eliciting an opinion such as “which baseball team do you like best?” Have them ask ten classmates and make a statement about the results such as, “The team most people like is the Yakult Swallows.”
3. drill and guided practice: students will listen to people asking for and giving personal information. First they will listen extensively and take notes on the information.
Then, they will listen intensively to study the form of the questions and answers.
4. independent practice: explain related vocabulary then assign related vocabulary unit about jobs.

Note: This is a required general English course for students at a technical high school in Japan. The students are first year students, 15-16 year olds, in the electronics course. The school is highly competitive and only the best students from area junior high schools are selected based on their math and science scores. Their English ability, on the other hand, is very mixed.

I've tried to make the lesson more active since they are younger and, unlike university students who are maybe used to sitting through long lectures, need to move around a bit during a 90 minute lesson.

Using LEGO Mindstorm NXT robots with students to create art from Jared Boone on Vimeo.

Machinima Second Life Event-LoveShop Un Beso-"Oil of Love" from dav barbosa on Vimeo.
Machinima Second Life Event
LoveShop Un Beso-Oil of Love.
WebSite Un Beso:
My WebSite:

Machinima Second Life Event-L'Ile du Docteur Muglerstein from dav barbosa on Vimeo.

Multivers...The String Theory from dav barbosa on Vimeo.
Test / Model for
Machinima Second Life Short Film Sci-Fi:

Multivers...The String Theory

Multivers...La Théorie des Cordes

Recorded with WeGame
L'ile du Docteur Muglerstein/
The Island of Doctor Muglerstein
Le jardin des délices/The garden of delights
Music/Artist: Eric Serra
Title: Fancy Face
Album: B.O Nikita


Best Practice in SL Education 07 from regor2012 on Vimeo.

SL Best Practices in Education - snapshots from regor2012 on Vimeo.

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