Saper e poter volare

Saper e poter volare
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lunedì 17 marzo 2008

Lezioni di vela

Lezioni di vela
album della vela


Ieri sera ho assistito alla prima lezione di vela di Raffa Dacosta .
Abbiamo parlato delle parti che costituiscono la barca a vela: scafo, randa, albero, boma, spinnaker,timone e deriva; della direzione del vento e di come la barca si mette in movimento, della posizione della randa ,cazzata o lasca, della relazione tra angolo di direzione del vento(wind dir.) ed angolo della randa (sheet) ed infine dopo tanta teoria anche qualche nozione sull'uso dello HUD per la barca avela virtuale.
E questa sera tutti in acqua!
Ci eserciteremo in allenamento con la Flying Tako Version 3.2 .una delle prime imbarcazioni risalente ad epoca molto antica. Altre versioni virtuali complete di più funzioni ci permetteranno di effettuare gare e match race.
Ecco la storia (in english)

Congratulations on owning the legendary-in-its-own-mind "Flying Tako" sailboat. I know it might not look like much, but this is without a doubt one of the most realistic virtual sailboats you can buy in Second Life, at least in terms of operation and dynamics. I've tried to make the Flying Tako sail as realistically as possible, making compromises only when computing speed was at stake or I was too lazy to figure something out.
People have been sailing the "Tako" (as it is affectionately known to its fans - to its detractors, it's known as the "Flying Crappo") for literally thousands of years. Most archaeologists agree that the first Flying Tako was built in Ancient Egypt, probably around 2350 BC according to advanced microastrological dating methods. Back then the builders had to use mud, reeds, and rat hides for the construction materials. Egyptologists believe Flying Takos were originally used by smugglers to ferry camels across the Nile River, there being no such thing as helicopters in those days. Over the next dozen centuries or so, as the science of sailing evolved, the Egyptians added a sail to the Tako, and then a rudder, and then finally a handle for the rudder - what we now call a "tiller."
Believe it or not, but the original Takos were considered to be status symbols, much like Hummers or Camaros are today. The royal tomb underneath the Great Pyramid in Giza has a depiction of King Takokhamen sailing his Flying Tako at the head of an enormous fleet of galleys and barges, presumably leading the way to the Royal Beach House on the Mediterranean (scholars dispute the interpretation of the accompanying hieroglyphics - some believe that Takokhamen may have been fleeing authorities over charges of running a pyramid scheme).
Over time, with the invention of the assembly line and the discovery of new rat-skinning techniques, Flying Takos became much more affordable. Today's Flying Tako may look a little different from those first boats made out of sticks and mud, but it still uses that most ancient of power sources... WIND! (or in our case, FAKE WIND!)
If you've ever sailed before, operation of the Flying Tako should be a piece of cake. If you are new to sailing, then I suggest you find a really big body of water and just play around until you get the hang of it. I hope my notes below and Eloise Pasteur's companion notes ("Sailing the Tako") make it easier to learn. Please IM me in game if you have problems or have found a bug.
You must be seated before you can operate the boat. Right-click on the starboard (righthand) bench and choose "Sit." The port (lefthand) bench is reserved for passengers. If you unsit at any time, the boat will reset and become non-physical until you start it again. When you are ready to begin sailing, say "raise" to raise the mainsail.
The default camera position is above and behind the boat, and may be the easiest point-of-view for beginners. Once seated, you may need to hit "Esc" to go the default view. Some people prefer sailing in mouse-look mode (View->Mouselook).

Looking for somewhere to take it for a spin?

Try FairChang Island or Hollywood. If you're into blue water sailing, try the "void" sims around Baffin and Celebes, or the Sea of Sighs from Torch to Tompson. Join the Second Life Sailing Federation for race announcements.

Ed ecco le pagine del wiki sulla vela

Link alla FISICA della navigazione

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