Saper e poter volare

Saper e poter volare
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sabato 8 dicembre 2007

Vulcano by Night

A night tour on Vulcano - a Second Life island shared by his owner David Orban with hundreds of italian residents. We use this space to learn more about Second Life, to be creative, to cooperate, to live together and share common resources, and to break rules - not establish new ones.

Official website (italian):

You can find a pretty complete description (in english) about the social experimentation running on Vulcano at the end of this UgoTrade article:
Interview with David Orban on Vulcano: Genetic Algorithms and Wisdom of Crowds

Some photos/videos/slides about things made on Vulcano:
Photo by Opensource Obscure
Photo by Vision Raymaker
Kastal Karas' blog
Local Government Study Group (may 2007)

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