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Saper e poter volare
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martedì 6 ottobre 2009

Rezzable ed il nuovo Heritage Key's King

Heritage Key's King Tut Virtual Experience is a virtual world much like Second Life though, of course, smaller in scale and hosted by Rezzable on its own equipment.

To explore it, you will need to install a free virtual world client (PC or Mac) on your machine.
At this site, you can create an avatar and download the client. Most of the features will be very familiar to an SL user.
The world of King Tut is divided into zones such as The Valley of the Kings, a museum with artifacts and audio descriptions, and a Banks of the Nileexperience with another gallery plus Nile barges, a granary, and more.
Of interest to this educator is how HK provides strongly written and well researched Web portal for student work. It's rich in ideas for assignments:
The potential is strong for immersive education in several fields. Teams can explore, complete projects such as my own "Saving Isis" for my first-yearwriting class:
Have fun on the Nile!
Ignatius Onomatopoeia (SL)Joe Essid, University of

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