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Saper e poter volare
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sabato 10 ottobre 2009

Exhibition "comet NAIMA Las Islas"

Exhibition "comet NAIMA Las Islas"

a work 1030m long through the simspresented by NAIMA Las Islas October 2009 OPENED
Naiman's Islands, 5 sims named "Las Islas", form an ideal landscape to exhibit my work. I've often used his waves, trees, rocks, and so on, more than the "official" Linden landscaping elements.
He sometimes visits my exhibitions and rezzes his current prototypes to show me, AT MY exhibitions!He always says "I'd like to make the most realistic one inworld." And as he says, most of his products really do look the most realistic.
I always think about what his "the most realistic" means, and what is his reality, through his trials in my works.Now, this is my turn to visit HIS artificial nature, to expand my environmental work.
On behalf of our creative original inworld culture, I want to ask everyone not to buy copybot products. Original high quality creators such as Naiman have been struggling with this issue.
comet Morigi, the Artist
Her other current shows: その他 展示中
􀀃 風の円􀀄 風の展望台 1シム版􀀆􀀁 空間都市展􀀀 風と霧の林􀀅-------------------------------
Her previous main exhibitions: 過去の主な展覧会
2008:OutWorldl/Inworld, a personal exhibition at Man-a-hatta galleryTerra Painting, a land work at Weard Welty gallery 地画Terra Painting, a personal exhibition at Overfoto gallery 地画
2009:The Sunken Museum, a sim wide work surrounding Museo del Metaverso 「沈める美術館」メタバース美術館Museum of Hyperformalism, PiRats Art Net Work ハイパーフォーマリズム美術館展Brooklyn is Watching 30 Best, at Kansas University Visual Art Department カンザス大学美術学部Wind Observatory over 4sims, at Orange's islands 風の展望台4sim版
ナイマ諸島 Las Islas は、私にとって、必然の展覧会場です。今までも、Naimanの作った景観素材(木・波・岩など)を、リンデン公式品以上に多く使ってきました。彼は、ときどき、私の展覧会場に来ると、開発中の滝・小屋などを、その場で拡げて見せます。彼の口ぐせは「この世界で一番リアルな物を作りたい」です。その言葉どおり、彼の作った物の大半は、一番リアルに見えます。彼の言う「一番リアル」とは何でしょうか。彼にとって、リアリティとは何でしょうか。彼が置いた試作を見ながら、考えています。
comet Morigi, 美術家

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