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giovedì 20 agosto 2009

LLMedia Plug-in Demo

Fresh from his new viewer presentation at SLCC (video of that here), Chief Product Officer T. Linden recently announced the LLMedia API, for third party developers interested in creating plug-ins to display rich media in Second Life (besides Quicktime, the only major format available in SL for the last several years.) Here's the feature's geek-heavy wiki page. The most desired media plug-ins (at least cited by the Lindens) would be for Office Documents, PDF, Java, Microsoft(R) Windows Media(R) Audio and Video, Ogg Vorbis, DivX. (A plug-in for Adobe Flash is not mentioned, which is strange, because it's a universal web feature, and T. Linden is an Adobe alum, but perhaps there is a compatibility issue.) Any case, I put the question to my developer readers: What would you like to do with this API?

Update, 2:15pm: To help fire the imagination, via Qarl Linden, here's a suave demo video by Aimee Trescothick of the API in action.

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