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lunedì 30 marzo 2009

Traduttore Universale

Vorrei riportare la notecard di help del translator che funziona durante i meeting e le congìferenze cui ho assisistito.

Universal Translator 1.8.3
LSL Code by Hank Ramos
Translations provided by Google Translate

The Universal Translator is a device that dynamically translates public chat so that people in Second Life can communicate more easily through international language barriers. It is designed to require no interaction other than to speak freely in your native language. Nothing could be easier!

How to Use
Wear the attachment, and speak in your native language! That's it! It is that easy! You can click the device for several options, for a help file, and to give a free copy to someone in the area. Only one translator is needed for everyone within 20m, but multiple people can wear translators to speed up the translation process like a multi-processor computer. It can function as a translator placed on the ground or can be worn as an attachment.

How It works
The translator will keep track of the languages spoken by everyone in the immediate area. When someone speaks into public chat, the translator determines who in the area is speaking a different language than the speaker, and then sends out an appropriate translation to them via private IM (this keeps down on chat spam). This is handled automatically, and no configuration is necessary or required. The translator uses the official Google Translation API, so supports 35 languages!

There are four people having a conversation. Susie and Frank speak English, Jose speaks Spanish, and Niklas speaks German. When Susie says "Hello Everyone", Frank hears no translation (he already speaks English), Jose hears the translation "Hola a todos" (Spanish), and Niklas hears the translation "Hallo alle" (German).

Ability to "parrot" or repeat translations of your chat as they are sent to different languages can be enabled by selecting the "Show Tran" option. To send a free copy of the translator to someone near you, select the "Send Copy" option. Other options are described below in the administrative options.

Q: the translator isn't working! What's wrong?
A: this could be several things...
1. You are in a no-script area, won't work unless the script can run.
2. You are not listed in the list of agents being translated (look at the text above the HUD or prim). Click the prim to choose your language or just talk and have the translator auto-detect your language and add you to the list.
3. You do not, by default, see the translations of your text as they are privately sent to other people. Choose the SHOW TRAN option to see translations of your text as other people see them. This was left off, by default, to reduce the amount of chat spam.
4. You are the only person around. There is nothing to translate if you are the only person speaking. If you are in the translation list, and a scripted object nearby says something, it will be translated for you if it is in a different language than you own.
Q: other people aren't getting translations.
A: Are they in the translation list? If they haven't spoken and had their spoken language detected by the translator, they will not receive any translations as we don't know what langage to translate to! They may also have muted the person owning the translator, so the translations never reach them.
Q: How do I see the translations of my text as others see it? I want to know about any translation errors, so I want to see the translation!
A: Click the translator HUD or prim and choose the SHOW TRAN option.
Q: What is this "(Link)" message next to my translator?
A: This means that there is another Universal Translator being worn in the immediate area. The two (or possibly more) translators are now working together to spread the load of translating everyone's chat, so that translations are not delayed in chatty/busy areas.
Q: Does the translator use the old script interpreter or the new, fast MONO interpreter?
A: All translators version 1.5.0 or newer use the improved MONO script interpreter.
Q: What if I speak Hebrew or Arabic, do I write my text "Left to Right" or "Right to Left"?
A: SL at this time doesn't support "Right to Left" text entry. Enter your text as "Left to Right", and translations will be handled correctly. Translations to Arabic or Hebrew will be reversed for display inside of the SL chat window.
Q: What do all the LED colors mean?
A: Green=sending IM, Yellow=receiving listen from public chat, Blue=receiving HTTP response from Google, Dark Magenta=linked translator traffic, RED=HTTP Error

Administrator Options
Reset Script -- Resets all scripts in the unit in case there is a problem.
Group ON -- Allows people that have the same group title as the machine to Reset and configure Scanning
Group OFF -- Disallows group members from using admin options
Auto ON-- Automatically detect the language of a speaker and begin sending translations as needed.
Auto OFF-- To join the translation, someone needs to select the Universal Translator prim (if placed on ground) and select their language before they will receive translations. (Note: Auto is considered always ON when translator is worn as an attachment/HUD, and the option to change it is disabled)
Enable-- Enable Translations by your device
Disable-- Disable Translations by your device
Donate-- Make a L$ donation to the developer of the Universal Translator (Hank Ramos)
Language-- manually specify the language that you speak. Other residents are able to change their spoken language by clicking the translator and choosing this option (only if not worn as an attachment).
Show Agents-- Show agents currently be translated in a list at the top of the translator

What do the scripts do?
Auto-Update: handles talking with the HR Update server to send you updates to the translator and to distribute free trial copies of the translator
HTTP Handler: handles sending, receiving, and caching of HTTP requests to Google AJAX
Interface Handler: handles display of text and dialog/menu system
Universal Translator Engine: the main code that runs the translation, inteprets data coming and going to Google AJAX, keeps track of agent languages, and handles listens and all other activities of translation.
IM Parallizer 1-10: parallel processes instant messages containing translations sent to avatars.

Version History
1.8.3: consolidated some scripts to reduce overhead on simulators and to increase speed. Fixed issue with autodetection of languages.
1.8.2: now works in no-script areas. Instant messages will be slower in no-script areas since I do not want to overload parcels that tick their no-script option (trying to be a good SL citizen). No-Script area support is a BETA feature and may not work reliably. Improved stability when using multiple translators linked together and fixed bug where translations were being dropped. Added faster IM support for the owner of the translator.
1.8.1: This is a critical update: Fixed major bug affecting linked translators where distributed translations were being dropped. New behavior ith linked translators: all translations shunted to linked translators, while master translator handles all language detections. Improved code and sensitivity threshold for automatically changing languages. Minor script improvements.
1.7.9: Removed language pop-up dialog if client language detection fails so now defaults to English and then autodetect language as people chat in this scenario. Fixed minor UI issue(s) while in HUD mode. Fixed bug where manual selection of language in a non-master translator in a translator group wasn't properly being sent to the master translator.
1.7.8: Fixed multiplexor issue where long chat sentences would occasionally fail upon decryption when communicating between multiple translators, updated default texture of translator with public domain icon.
1.7.7: Reduced number of scripts further, performance tweaks, options dialog bug with multiple translators, various other minor bugs.
1.7.6: Reduced number of scripts and performance tweaks
1.7.3: fixed multiplexor bug when two translators are linked together. Bug didn't exist with a solo translator or more than three linked translators.
1.7.2: tweaked timings to handle larger groups better.
1.7.1: tweaked timings, de-combined scripts due to out of memory errors (Stack-Heap Collision errors).
1.7.0: increased memory of engine script, defaulted language to "en" and prompt user for language if autodetection of language fails by client detect.
1.6.9: major update. Combined scripts, improved performance, reconfigured back-end multiplexor (multi-translator subsystem) and fixed some long-standing bugs, improved menu system.
1.6.8: scripted objects are no longer translated by default (to reduce translator spam). Option added to menu to enable/disable translation of scripted objects.
1.6.7: correct issue where avatar names greater than 24 characters were causing send copy dialog to fail. With multiple, linked translators, only the master translator will respond to the "translator" text command.
1.6.6: added Opt-In/Opt-Out to main menu so you can opt-out of being translated or receiving translations. Added chat command to bring-up main menu for those in the translation by saying "translator" on public chat or channel #777
1.6.5: fixed bug in Multiplexor regarding scanning and removing of nearby translators.
1.6.2: fixed some minor bugs in Multiplexor (translator-to-translator backchannel communication) and priority negotiation with disabled translators, improved speed enhancement. Fixed security issue with Interface handler. Increased threshold for automatic changing of avatar language (from Google language detection).
1.6.1: fixed bug upon logging into SL with the translator attached, and dialog menus saying commands into public chat.
1.6.0: fixed bug where sending free copy of translator would result in subsequent button presses in other menus to send out erroneous send free copy messages. Fixed timing issue where owner language detection would fail upon login to SL
1.5.9: fixed multiplexor bug introduced in 1.5.8
1.5.8: fixed bug where a master translator (this is determined by random process so that one translator in an area with multiple translators) should stop being the master if it is disabled. Otherwise all translators in the area become disabled. Improved instructions and added Version History.
1.5.6: added ability to detect SL client install language to better detect the initial langauge used by the speaker
1.5.5: added 11 additional languages that Google Translate supports (Total 35 languages)
1.54: history not available for earlier versions.

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