Saper e poter volare

Saper e poter volare
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martedì 20 gennaio 2009

Palestine Holocaust Memorial Museum

Fateci una visita, raccolgono linden per Gaza (almeno si spera che non vadano in mani terroriste ma umanitarie :( )

The island of

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Una storia come ce ne sono tante qua.

An Israeli F-16 aircraft targeted the house of's reporter, Ola Attalla. The 2-storey house was brought down to the ground, killing eight of her family members. Among the dear were her uncle's wife, Suad Attalla (60 years old), both of her children, Khaled Atalla (30 years old) and Ibrahim Attalla (29 years old) and a little baby in the household.
Ola Attalla has always wrote stories about the conditions in Gaza. She has brought stories of child casualties and torn families to life with her pen. But this time it was her turn, the story written was about her and her family.
Ola was always worried that her office might be targeted for an attack, but she never expected her home to be the next target.In a phone call with Ola, the screams of women rung out so loud that the callers could hardly hear her. On another call, she said "the image is terrifying! They've shelled my uncle's house – it is all ruins now." She said she keeps trying to call her brothers to check on them but to no avail.

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