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Saper e poter volare
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venerdì 11 luglio 2008

Lotja parla di Frank Lloyd Wright

Guggenheim Museum NY

Purtroppo ho perso il log della lezione (crash prima di salvare la history) ma la nota card sulla casa sulla cascata costituisce un testo valido per illustrare un lavoro dell' architetto Frank Lloyd Wright descritto da Lotja durante il ciclo sul design di Geordie Robbiani.


FranK LLOYD WRIGHT (architettura e design)
Cecilia DeLacroix is the benefactor who originally donated more than 6,000 s.m. of land for the construction and display of Fallingwater of Second Life. Without her generous support of this project, there would simply be no Fallingwater of Second Life except as clutter in Sandboxes!

Lox Salomon, builder and texture artist.

Ethos Earlanger, builder and managed the project locations, contributed building details and provided constant motivation to keep the Second Life version of Fallingwater as true to the original as practical.

Ty Jaehun scripted the Living Room Hatchway allowing access to the river below, as well as the bifold (accordion) doors and windows after their unusual prototype.

Robert McCarter authored the primary source of prototype drawings and photography in the article "Fallingwater", Architecture in Detail, Phaidon Press, 1994.

The Western Pennsylvania Conservatory maintains the original Fallingwater house and site and has tirelessly worked to preserve this watershed architectual achievement. Due to their efforts, over 1.7 Million people have been able to experience first-hand the architecual genius of Frank Lloyd Wright at Fallingwater.

The Western Pennsylvania Conservatory website was also referenced for drawings used in-world to build Fallingwater of Second Life. See

James Linden's "Door 1.0" script is used many times throughout the structure for door swings.

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