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lunedì 7 luglio 2008

Il futuro di Secondlife by Mitch Kapor

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The Future Extending from the Past

Mitch painted a picture of the future by first calling it disruptive innovation because it will force the innovation of existing social and economic social patterns.
The Internet will change irrevocably as it goes 3D, overcoming as well the tyranny of geography.
In painting a picture of the future of Second Life and 3D worlds, Mitch reminded us of the idealism that was the foundation of SL, and that Philip’s idealism in forming the platform was greeted with initial skepticism by everyone other than the residents.

“We bring all of ourselves to it, we bring the good, the bad and the ugly. What we choose to do with the possibilities is extremely important.”

Mitch pointed out the growth in the use of Second Life for a wider number of uses, for example in education, architecture (city planners, integration with real life), work with brain waves in Japan, and music.

He particularly highlighted the use of Second Life for social causes and not-for-profit: the use of SL by the disabled, awareness-building and fund-raising activities, (for example cystic fibrosis and the non-profit commons), and protests and activism.

Life on the frontier however is challenging, he pointed out.

“When we have a new technology platform and new techno ecosystem it always starts out in a frontier condition…My experience is that it brings out both the most and the least noble in us. My point about the frontier condition however is that…there’s nothing fundamentally new about this condition.”

For example, in 1994, the Internet had been available just to researchers and then government began opening it up. This gave rise to stereotyping and prejudice.
The technical ecosystems was at a stage when dreams are played out yet which gave rise to stereotypes. The same has happened to Second Life, he maintained.
He then encouraged residents to, well, basically to stop whining and start acting like the grown-ups that the platform has become.

We are no longer on the frontier
The pioneer era in SL is beginning to draw to a close, he said.
We’re at the beginning of a transition. The early adopters were outsiders, people with nothing left to lose with a dream - those were the ones who settled the west, and it’s the way Second Life has been settled.


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