Saper e poter volare

Saper e poter volare
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giovedì 17 luglio 2008

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La sintesi dell'incontro del gruppo W2W si trova qui sul blog del gruppo.

Sullo stesso blog il collegamento alle stanze dei partecipanti alla tavola rotonda, dell'auditorio e dello streming-web che ha riportato in audio l'evento.
Video della chatroom + SL
Transcript della chat su SL
Audio Mp3

La sintesi

it's early times for Lively. But this is not an insignificant development. Lively is certainly not just a "chat room with some visuals." For now, it's very different from SL, not least in that regular users can't create content. But it's not an unworkable environment -- even now -- for a great many interesting applications. The fact that it lives in the browser is huge -- among other points, the panelists agreed that, even full-screened, the Lively experience is more multitasking-friendly than SL, which is a far more immersive and even, to some extent, hermetic medium.

If you're interested in the future co-evolution of SL and Lively, stick around. We'll shortly (fingers crossed) be bringing some of the Lively team inworld, and explore some of the history and vision behind this fascinating new tool

I partecipanti
Rhonda Lowry, VP Emerging and Social Media, Turner Broadcasting
Eric Krengel, Special SL Correspondent, Reuters
Mitch Wagner, Executive Editor, InformationWeek
John Jainschigg, Director, Internet & Community Laboratory, ZiffDavisEnterprise (moderator)

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