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Saper e poter volare
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Virtual worlds as learning sites provide a number of potentially rich learning opportunities for students.

One of these is project work and another is control of the learning environment.

At the moment, the virtual world that probably offers learners the greatest degree of control of the learning environment, and probably the lowest barrier of entry to that creation, is Second Life.

Alongside the of ten noted increased sense of presence, coupling project work with student control of the learning environment seems likely to be a high-value exploitation of virtual worlds for learning.

Past Sessions Session I - Dudeney Ge, A Grabbag of Teaching Tools [ December 2007 ]

Session II - Baldric Commons, Teen Grid Angst [ January 2008 ]

Session III - Jeremy Koester, Gaming & Learning in SL [ February 2008 ]

Session IV - Dirk Beatty, Watching Teachers Watch Themselves [ March 2008 ]

Session V - Corwin Carillon, Self-directed Team Learning in Virtual Worlds [ May 2008 ]

The next session in our monthly seminars for teachers (EduCation@EduNation) will take place next Saturday 17th May at 01:30 PDT (Second Life Time), The session is entitled “Self-directed Team Learning in Virtual Worlds” and will be led in-world by Corwin Carillon...

Is self-directed learning something you are passionate about? Does self-directed team learning in virtual worlds grab your imagination? Come join us for a discussion of self-directed team learning in Second Life where we will share ideas and practices for giving learning teams greater control through inquiry-driven projects. If you’re not yet registered for the series, visit the sign-up stands in-world on EduNation III ************************************************************ per le foto pe ril sito programma per il SLURL

Location The events will take place in the Seminar Area of EduNation III, one of the Consultants-E sims in Second Life.

You can find the island using the Search facility in Second Life, or by following this URL:

Maximum 100 particpants (click the sign-up terminals on Edunation II/III to register)
Each event has a limit of 100 participants on a first-come, first-served basis. You can sign up for the event in-world by clicking the terminals on Edunation II or III or by sending an email to .

Edunation III 235,24,24 oppure Edunation II oppure I


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