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venerdì 22 febbraio 2008

Europarlamentare in SL: Paulo Casaca sull'uso degli areoporti europei da parte della CIA

E' lecito utilizzare gli areoporti europei da parte della CIA per voli a Guantanamo?

Next Friday, February 22nd, 12h00 PM SL Time, Mr. Paulo Casaca, a member of the European Parliament, European Union, will be in Second Life to talk about the CIA Flights to Guantanamo.
Being the first member of European Union to use Second Life to communicate with all citizens interested, Mr. Casaca intends, this month, to bring to debate a very polemic and actual subject in the "Old Continent": the use of European airports by CIA to refuel airplanes transporting prisoners to Guantanamo's Prison, in Cube.

Before being elected to the European Parliament, Mr. Casaca has been an Economy Professor in Azores University for several years.

Vacant for this event are limited. If you are interested in participating, please send a note/IM to Irah Anatine or an email to

Please note that Educators, Students and Media will have privileged access to this event.

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