Saper e poter volare

Saper e poter volare
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giovedì 22 novembre 2007

Watch the World(s).: l'evoluzione della mission di SL

Our mission is: “To connect everyone to an online world that improves the human condition.” Though work at Linden Lab can be hard and sometimes frustrating (and this week is certainly no exception with its downtimes), it is inspiring to pursue such a goal. What is interesting is that we recently changed the wording of this statement. The old version said “Create an online world having the exceptional property that it advances the capabilities of the many people that use it, and by doing so affects and transforms them in a positive way.” The difference between these two statements of mission isn’t huge, but I think important in looking at our history and then looking at how we need to change in the future to best fulfill that mission. Let me give you some thoughts on that.

Ecco perchè Philip Linden mi è sempre stato simpatico: è un fisico!

....So I found our first little office in a warehouse in San Francisco, convinced our very first employee to take a break from his PhD work in physics, ......

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