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Saper e poter volare
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giovedì 8 novembre 2007

CISCO carriera per ingegneri europei

Join Us For GridTalk With Cisco Systems

Join us for GridTalk on Tuesday when our subject will be Cisco Systems' upcoming Virtual Career Fair, with guests Christian Renaud, the company's chief architect for networked virtual environments, and Randy Sisk, new markets and technologies scout for the company. Cisco is a pioneer in using Second Life and other virtual worlds for business, so we'll also spend some time discussing the broader issues of commercial activities in virtual worlds.
The career fair is for European engineers, designed to provide a virtual forum for companies to meet and network with IT candidates.

Participating partners include: Dimension Data UK, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, NetDesign, Alliant Technologies, Affinity, Voice Tech, Touchbase, Telindus, and BBNED. The fair starts just after GridTalk Tuesday.

Find more information on the [Cisco virtual worlds blog.] [cisco blog] Register [here][register] We wrote about [Cisco's use of virtual worlds as a business-to-business tool][cisco virtual worlds] in April.
Be there Tuesday, Nov. 6 (that's tomorrow) at 8 a.m. Second Life time/ Pacific time at the amphitheater at Dr. Dobb's Island. [SLURL][]
We're having technical difficulty with Second Life audio, so we're doing this old-school, using text chat. All you need to participate is a Second Life connection, fingers, and at least one working eye.
("Having some difficulty with Second Life audio" is how we businesspersons say "the guy who does that is out of town 'til Thursday." But it sounds less embarrassing if we just stroke our chins, frown, and mutter about technical difficulties on the tubes.)
􀀀or Dr. Dobb's Island SLURL:
[cisco blog]:
[cisco virtual worlds]:

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